The Issue Of Inequality Within Society

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The Issue of Inequality within Society The issue of inequality is one which has been reverberating since the rise of the world’s first ancient civilization. Since then many activist have risen up to confront this pressing issue, may it be due to Race, gender, culture or power within a society. In order to examine this situation I will be analyzing the works of Virginia wolf and of Martin Luther King Jr. Ms. Woolf’s comprehensive essay A Room of One’s Own is an exceedingly challenged statement that has been continually critiqued since it was first published back in 1929. Every critique that this essay has undergone has been interpreted in different ways. An early 20th century literary critic by the name of David Daiches responded to Woolf’s essay by stating that her work is feminist. He continued to articulate that Woolf’s feminism highlights not only women and their relationship to fiction but also the people who have not had the opportunity to use it because of their lack of money and privacy. Similarly, Martin Luther King Jr. speech I’ve been to the mountain top is one that is viewed as an act to stand up for unity, economic actions, boycotts, and nonviolent protest . The matter at hand is injustice and inequality whether it is due to gender bias, racial discrimination or social economic class. This is a very sensitive topic and so to properly tackle this issue one most recognizes that this inequality is rooted in what shapes today’s society. This paper will examine the inequalities within gender, race and economic or power differences. The society we live in has been shaped historically by males; at the period in which Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s own was published, feminism actually was referred to as wanting to vote for women. This I can assure you was not Ms. Woolf’s brand of feminism, however having inherited money within the same time
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