The Island Of Doctor Moreau Essay

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Existence of the Dispossessed “He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god." Aristotle The quite complex endeavors of Victor Frankenstein and Doctor Moreau can be traced to a primitive character trait inherent in both animals and humans. A dual perplexity is noticeable in both Victor Frankenstein and Dr. Moreau. Both men acting as Shepard of creation with a keen focus on scientific detail, while lacking the basic responsibility towards their creations. Victors’ incessant desire of fame, compounded upon his obsession of knowledge, fuels his advancement towards becoming creator. While Dr. Moreau is lacking such desire, he is also unique in his lack of feeling and concern, towards anything, even himself. The island in which Dr. Moreau performs his ghastly vivisections becomes a multifaceted complex enabler in its own right. The island helps separate Moreau’s experimental creations from the rest of the world along with granting a level of secrecy. Intuitively one gets a sense of Dr. Moreau’s disregard for human society and civilization which imposed his exile. This dissatisfaction even if only subconscious, uncovers the island’s primary purpose. While both men differ in personal as well as scientific practice, a contrast that becomes immediately apparent is Frankenstein’s moral inhibitions with regards to his work. Inhibitions which appear totally lost upon Moreau. Almost from the start, the former evinces disgust at some of the more ghoulish aspects of his experimentations (Shelley 84), while there is no evidence that Moreau ever finds himself revolted by his actions. Long after the unfortunate Prendick has made his acquaintance; Moreau’s uneasy guest can still find his host industriously at work in his

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