The Islamic Influence On Western Civilization

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The Islamic Influence on Western Civilization Encounters and interaction with Islamic culture had a major effect on Western Civilization. Islam emerged as a powerful religious and political part of the late antique period. The Muslim forces that defeated Byzantium created a thriving civilization that transformed the Western world, and left a lasting mark. In Spain, they had a significant impact on the region’s culture and history. Through conquest and expansion, Muslims created a powerful Islamic Empire which greatly contributed to and deeply impacted the development of Western Civilization. The expansion of Islam from Mecca to Medina began with the Prophet Muhammad. “Muhammad taught that his religion was the pure monotheism of the prophets which would replace Judaism and Christianity. Using force and negotiation, Muhammad drew many Arab tribes into his religious community” (Armstrong, 19). Muhammad created a controlled community that was inspired by his teachings. The Muslims had conquered all of the Arabian Peninsula and by the time of Muhammad’s death he had unified most of Arabia under Islam. Islam spread from central Asia to Spain, where Muslims established the Islamic Empire and created a new distinctive Islamic civilization. Islam’s expansion and conquering of the Byzantine Empire greatly influenced and transformed both Byzantium and the West. The common religion of the Byzantine Empire converted from Orthodox Christianity to the Islamic religion under Muslim control. This form of religion effected Western civilization because Islam was spread throughout the region. The West was also impacted greatly through Arab traders in the Byzantine territory and Arabian Peninsula. The traders obtained slaves and natural resources from inland to exchange with other territories, influencing a form of slave trade. They
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