The Iroquois Essay

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The horticultural society that I will be writing about is the Iroquois society. I will be identifying and describing the kinship system and how that system impacts the way their culture behaves. I will also compare the Iroquois society to my own. The Iroquois people are a horticultural society; they are a food-producing society. (Nowak and Laird, 2010, Sections 4.2) They prepare their land and grow the food for their people, what is known as their kinship. The Iroquois society’s kinship consists of parents and siblings that are too closely related to marry, in-laws and potential spouses. They marry their cross cousins to keep the wealth and also to ensure the alliances that are built are kept. The kinship would live in what was called a “longhouse”. (Nowak and Laird, 2010, Sections 4.5) What I thought to be interesting is that the Iroquois society is able to easily end a marriage. The husband came to the marriage as an outsider, he moved into the wife’s village. If the wife decided she no longer wanted to be married all she had to do was pack the husband’s belongings and leave them at the door. This is called a matrilineal society. (Nowak and Laird, 2010, Sections 4.5) In our society that is not acceptable. There is a divorce process that can take six months to even years to resolve. The Iroquois women were regarded highly. The men would get the land ready, while the matrilineally related women would do the weeding, planting, and harvesting of the crops. They owned what they cultivated and provided for the village, because of that the women were in power. If the women did not like what the men were going to do, they could call it off or the men would not receive any of the food. (Nowak and Laird, 2010, Sections 4.2) In comparison to my society, we are more for compromise. Women generally are not able to stop anyone from doing something.

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