The Irony Used In “The Story Of An Hour” By Kate C

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The Irony used in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin the real meaning of this story can be quiet confusing. Chopin created this story after her own husband’s death. In a way one might think that she may be relating her own experiences in this short story. In this short story Chopin has the reader thinking as if Mrs. Mallard was supposedly having heart troubles and that that was the cause of her death. Chopin also has readers believing that Louise is mournful of her husband’s death but it’s definitely the opposite. Irony is used throughout this whole story and if you pay close attention to the type of characters Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are portrayed to be, the tone, and the diction used one may see it. Mrs. Louise Mallard is a young decent woman living in the 1800’s, “She was young, with a fair, calm face.” Mr. Mallard is a working man and doesn’t seem to have many feelings. Characterization means a lot when trying to understand the meaning of a story. If one thinks about it this was made a long time ago and back then a wife stayed at home and listened to whatever the husband said. The husbands are usually hard working and very simple minded when it came to women’s right. This plays a big role in the irony because why wouldn’t a wife be happy to be free from having someone telling them what to do and catering to their every need and was most likely very unappreciated because in that time they were expected to live their lives like this. The tone in this story is important because it is what gives the reader the type of attitude used. This story’s tone is sad and gloomy. From the beginning you get a description of Louise as sick which automatically makes the reader think this will be a sad story. As the story goes on and Louise is informed about her husband’s death the tone starts to change and not in a way for a newly

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