The Inventor In Ray Bradbury's The Flying Machine

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Argument Assay In the story “the flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury, the emperor executed an inventor because he had made a machine which could fly. The reason for this was that he wanted to protect his kingdom and keep peace for as long as possible. The emperor was not justified in killing the inventor of the flying machine. Some people argue that the emperor carried out this act for the benefit of his kingdom. This is true to some extent, for if his enemies did hear about a machine which could fly they would try very hard to get one. The enemy needed these flying machines to fly over the Great Wall of China. The great wall protected the empire from almost anything, except flying machines. So for the sake of the safety of his empire…show more content…
Planes can be useful for two different things, they can either carry the wounded to safety but they can also carry the deadly bombs. It depends on how we control the flying machines whether they are for good uses or for bad. The inventor also had a family which had to be looked after. When executing the inventor his wife became a widow and would want to know why he had been killed. She would also need support from the emperor as her husband was now dead and could not care for her. Furthermore, although the flying machine would have a chance of being spotted it would have been to far away to be noticeable. To the other empires it would have been assumed that the flying machines were just birds in the distance. The machines could have been flown away from the boarder so that it could be kept a secret. If the enemy did manage to create a flying machine then the empire had one to defend itself against them. Thus the emperor was not justified in executing the inventor of the flying machine. ….the most important thing to understand is that it is not the machine or invention which is the problem but it is the people that control it will determine whether it is used for good or bad
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