The Intolerable Acts of Expressions Essay

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When something is considered intolerable, it means that it is impossible to accept or endure, and in a progressive society such ours, there are an array of things that have been classified as “Intolerable”. To maintain social order and hierarchy, the power to control, dominate, or exploit another person, group, or nation whose power is not sufficient to prevent such domination or exploitation is executed through the defined social roles and norms. Resources such as wealth, status, size, intelligence, knowledge, organizational skill, respect, allies and a reputation of being powerful are made scarce to certain marginalized groups that fail to comply with the status quo. The status quo being what has been deemed admissible by society concerning aspects of socialization within the institution of family education and more predominantly, facets concerning symbolic interaction that often comprises of one’s religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Victims of this persecution are often considered the minority group, which consists of people sharing common ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds, especially when constituting a comparatively small portion of a given population. Minority groups often have fewer rights and less power than majority groups. One of the core tensions of what is considered “Cool” is whether the primary focus of the definition should be on individuals or society. The individual and change within the individual are not only the necessary and sufficient beginning and ending points for discussion concerning the dimensions of “Cool” but also the focal point for the enlightening journey. If the general attitude about change is that it can be challenging and invigorating, then it is more likely that a reform will be initiated. Now it may sound like an endless rant about societal oppressions on the ostracized and disenfranchised but it is important to

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