The Internet: The Impact Of Hacking And The Internet

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The internet is a technological wonder. It is whatever one makes it, shaped to whatever needs or interests each individual requires. It is a hard thing to explain, as one person might define it completely differently than the next. What most people seem to agree on is that it is to be a place of freedom. Where everyone can express their thoughts freely, where every opinion is allowed. Where all men are equal. However, there are some that aim to restrict the internet, and then there are those who fight to protect it, and some of those vigilantes like to refer to themselves as Anonymous. The purpose of the collective remains arguable, and people’s opinions of it range from heroes to criminals, but what remains unquestionable is the impact they…show more content…
The members of that club liked to amuse themselves with witty pranks. That migrated into engineering and eventually, computer communications. Interestingly, both Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, got their start in computer crime. Hacking, which is often referred to as computer crime, is not always illegal. Law enforcement such as the FBI frequently use hacking for their own benefit. Hacking usually has some sort of political impulse behind it, whether it is intentional or not. Hacktivism, or hacker activism, is when technology is used to call into question injustice and defend human rights. Once described as ‘’hackers on steroids’’ by Fox news, the hacktivist movement referred to as Anonymous started out as internet jokesters that liked to spread mayhem. It stemmed from chat forums on the website 4Chan, which works in the way that you pick from a variety of topics, such as weaponry or origami, and can post an image or a comment in the thread of a chosen topic anonymously. It has been called the best breeding ground for internet culture. There’s a topic thread called /b/, which is a very random, no restrictions thread, and from there origin some of the most famous jokes of the internet. Since its start on /b/, Anonymous has done some rather controversial things. Back in 2008, people of the /b/ thread invaded an online video game and made it their goal to agitate other users. To them, the idea that they could offend someone by fooling around on an online game platform seemed ridiculous. Anonymous turned on Hal Turner as well, a man who used to run an American podcast called The Hal Turner Show. His words and worldviews were considered very racist and judgmental. Some of the 4chan users came to the conclusion that he should be taught a lesson, so they fooled around, sent unpaid pizzas to his home and basically made it so that he could not finance his
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