The Internet a Clear and Present Danger

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The Internet: a Clear and Present Danger summary Only a couple of clicks of a mouse can ruin your life. The Internet a seemingly harmless software is full of scams, and graphic video and photos. With a few clicks of the mouse you can give all important information away. Cathleen A. Cleaver wrote this essay entitled The Internet: a clear and Present Danger. In this essay she writes about Children and the internet, pornography and the internet, internet transactions, technology must serve man. Cleavers main point in this article is to raise the awareness of parents, teens, and children about the dangers that are on the internet. I believe that Cleaver is mainly writing to all internet users. Whether that be adults, young adults, teens, and children, they all get deceived and lured into clicking the sign up now button where they give away important information. In this summary I will be answering seven questions. Cleaver mentions four main points and I have to say that I agree on all of them. As a Microsoft Certified Programmer I know the ins and outs of the internet. I have a raised awareness of what goes on behind the scenes. I know when a scam is happening and the telltale signs of a virus coming to a device. Cleaver has four points, the first is entitled “Children and the Internet” In this paragraph of the article she brought up an interesting point, she states that children know more about computers and the internet. I really like this point because it sounds true in my family. I am 17 years of age and was born into the “Data age” and I taught my parents everything that they know about Technology. Many adults today were born when there was hardly any computers, and internet. The data age was just starting to Evolve(first letter shouldn't be capitalized). It is a saddening thought what such a software as the internet can do(make this sentence more clear).
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