The International Community and War Essay

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The Struggle of International Institutions By Alejandro Munoz Prof. Dale Walton PS 35000 28 October 2014 The Struggle of International Institutions Introduction Today’s world is shifting. It is starting to transition from a unipolar world, mainly US-dominated, to a multipolar world with powers such as Russia, China, and even Brazil stepping up and taking some of the power. As the world shifts, several international institutions were created, mainly due to the assumption that a global authority, that is not biased, is necessary for the peaceful change in powers. As with everything, international institutions such as the UN, NATO, the WTO, the Red Cross, or the OECD bring positive improvements to the world and to some degree, depending on one’s own personal reasoning they bring some negative influences. That being said, the question remains. Is it true that a major war will not occur in the future because the international community has created a set of international institutions that make it impossible? In order to answer this question, first one needs to understand what are the actual functions of international organizations. In other words, we need to know and understand what are the goals and objectives of such organizations. Second, analyzing the point of view of two very distinct schools of thought in the International Relations world, the realist and the liberalist although obviously one somewhat clashing with the other, is crucial for the development of a specific opinion about international institutions, their functions, the accomplishments, and if hey truly are helpful in the avoidance of war due to a new multipolar world. Finally, one can

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