The Initial Consultation In Hypnotherapy

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Introduction: The initial consultation is one of the most important factors in hypnotherapy, it is used to get to know your client, determine the dynamics involved, and used in planning a successful and empowering outcome for the client. Within this first meeting, first impressions are established, and the therapist and client can start to get to know one another. The consultation can be a powerful tool used, for the therapist and client, either used over the phone to gather some information before they meet or during the first session. In this essay we will be discussing why the initial consultation is so important, and ethical issues the therapist maybe presented with during the consultation. Main essay: When we are born our…show more content…
One of the important ethical issues to check, is that you do not know the person, and that you are not connected in anyway that is inappropriate, this is called a dual relationship this may be unavoidable in small towns, we would also need to assess that that there are no sexual attractions, on this basis the therapist may decide they cannot work with the client, and may offer the client an alternative therapist. The prospect that this could happen must be explained to the client in the initial consultation, so you can build trust, and the client can feel that you are working in their best interests. It is also important to make sure that the power of the relationships formed between therapist and client is of an equal one, it is extremely valuable to empower your client, and not take the power. The only time a therapist should show authoritarian power is when using inductions which require this…show more content…
Observing this principle means keeping information given by or about the individual secure from others. It applies to all forms of information, whether written, recorded or other forms where the individual can be indentified. Within our treatment we may come across relatives, partners or well meaning friends, who want to know what we have said to the client, and may be persistent in the issue. We may have to talk to our supervisor about the ways we are working with a certain client. And in addition the client may tell us themselves, information which we may deem risky to the clients or others lives. All information should remain confidential, and if the therapist breaches this, then they are likely to be sued. However if the life of the person is at risk or society as a whole then we may deem it necessary to breach confidentiality, however there is no consensus on what is deemed as harmful, and we would need to follow our governing body such as the BACP or Hypnotherapy society guidelines on how to deal with this. In most cases if you feel confidentiality has to be breached you should inform your client, as to the reasons why, this should be discussed in the initial consultation how and when you would do this, so you have an agreement before you start

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