The Influences In Willa Cather's Life

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Life of Willa Cather What would influence some authors to create the wonderful novels they make in their life? Is it how they eat, sleep, live, breath, or are they just simply gifted with the gift of literature.For the people who are fans of the writer Willa Cather it is pretty simple to see what influences her astute writings. Willa Cather’s writing reflects her life and the cultures that surrounded her. A few things that were affected the most by the influences were her many novels. Cather’s bold prose and detailed tales often worry the artistry and overture in her stories ( Pollard 81), but Cather's fiction has another layer to it than other writers, a great connotation of emotions which turns away from love dreams of character…show more content…
Willa lived a life with not so many surprises, but she got around alot and was able to incorporate what she saw to her writing. Her novel My Antonia is a great example of this (Arnold 1-2). Nine years old Willa cather was left with unforgettable influences: bare, like behind her hand, or sheet iron, that resembled the land’s she was on (Gerber 20). At a young age ather was already influenced by multiple cultures. Also as the oldest she also had to mature a little quicker among the rest (Bloom 11). Cather had a moment of bliss and tremendous revelation at the college of University of Nebraska in Lincoln (Forman 2). Letters of Willa Cather journey to Lincoln, Nebraska, where started to gain a journalism career; to Pittsburg, Pa., where she became a high school English teacher and kept on being a journalist to New York City, where she gained work for McClure’s and started publishing the story and novels that would one day make her famous(“The Selected Letters of…show more content…
Willa Cather was an extremely accomplishing journalist and author of short fiction novels also she was an English teacher, fraught with becoming a novelist (Arnold 2). It was just common sense that her long experience in newspaper work that Cather would start her occupation in journalism, though in the 1880’s it was unusual to have a woman in this field (Forman 3).That did not stop her though she kept on making more and more novels and short stories At a young age Cather wrote more than forty so tries, at least 500 columns and reviews,etc. even after she wrote novel she kept on making short stories (Arnold 3). Now only did Willa achieved myriads of things but she also gained awards as well. Willa Cather first received widely praise as an crucial author when Cather got the Pulitzer Prize in 1923 for One of Ours (Pollard 81). Also, A Lost Lady, by Cather has been made two times for the movies in 1924 and 1934 (Arnold

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