The Influence Of The Mayan Calendar

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December 21 2012, the world is supposed to end, but is it really? There are three main thoughts or ideas of destroying earth; these are the Mayan calendar coming to an end on December 21 2012, objects from the universe destroying us, and natural disasters on earth. Researchers and Scientists tell us not to worry, that these ideas won’t come true. The Mayan calendar shows that it ends on December 21 2012, but it’s wrong because we misread the calendar .The Mayans didn’t know about leap year so technically the world was supposed to end last year. Australia’s one day ahead of us and when it was December 21 2012, for them the world didn’t end for them either. Also Mayans mysteriously disappeared and they couldn’t add on to their calendar. Mayans created many other successful things, but their calendar wasn’t one of them. Objects from outer space are threatening the world to end. Nibru, a supposed planet is supposedly heading to earth that would destroy earth. Earth is always in danger of meteors and only one size would be able to wipe out earth. That size was the size of the Meteor that that created the big bang and wiped out all the dinosaurs; but NASA doesn’t see any of that size heading towards earth any time soon. Every 11 years solar storms happen, between 2012-2014 we are going to have a normal…show more content…
Supposedly we are going to have a huge blackout that wipes out all earth, and we would live in complete darkness; this would be caused by the sun, and it’s light. The polar shift theory is when people believe that the world will switch around and the north and south poles will switch. This would cause melting of the icecaps and create a huge tsunami. Unexpected super volcanoes are supposed to go off around the world and wipe out countries. None of these ideas are going to happen because these are outrageous possibilities that aren’t even close to happen or threaten

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