The Influence of the Jacksonian Movement

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The Influence of the Jacksonian Movement Andrew Jackson was not only a president but a movement for the American people. Jackson was the most popular president since George Washington was president. Even though Andrew Jackson rivals Washington in popularity they were popular for different reasons. Jackson became popular because he was a peoples president and changed the way politics were run. Jackson was a president of the people chosen by the people. He listened to their needs and was the starter to the Democratic party. In 1840, American politics had changed due to Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s movement, otherwise known as the Jacksonian Movement, changed American politics by changing the culture of politics in America at the time, the philosophy he had as a leader, and idea of equality with the people of the United States. Before Andrew Jackson was even elected as President, Jackson was changing how politics were conducted. It was during the Jacksonian era that political parties had become formal ( Democratic party, and the Whig party were the first). It was the crystallization of political parties in which led to “each party taking stands on certain issues, held formal nominating conventions to select their presidential and vice-presidential candidates, and had as members congressmen and senators who voted with their party on the issues”. The Jacksonian period made politics a phenomenon or spectacle to watch because they were so different and no one had experienced this type of politicking before. The politicking of the Jacksonian era involved vigorous debates, mass marches, and a very high voter turnout because of the spectacle politics had become and the new laws that were in place for voting. It was this new politicking that began the trend toward this new toward popular activity in politics which in the end left the culture of deference
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