The Influence of Social Media Sites on Lifestyle Essay

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Morganne Kaneen February 14, 2013 Junior Paper Judy Goff INTRO: Social media fulfills the human need to connect and communicate with other people. From the earliest emails sent by American researchers in the 1970’s, to modern visual networking websites like Pinterest and Tumblr, the history of the World Wide Web is tightly intertwined with the stories of people. And all of those stories are social. Long before Facebook grew to over a billion users, the internet made it possible for us to reach out through the dark, and connect with people on the other side of the world. At our deepest level, we all long for social connections- and the internet has enabled authentic human relationships for over 40 years. My Junior project topic of interest falls under multiple “areas of study;” some of them being Sociology, Technology, Communication, the Internet, and Popular Culture. Mostly, it falls under Social Media and the Internet. I came to enjoy this fascinating topic of culture by using the many social networking sites and then wondering “how do they affect the culture as a whole?” I have immersed myself in the many sub-outlets of creative collaboration and communication that are available to the public via the World Wide Web; Including but not limited to: Pinterest (a online pin-board of sorts), Facebook (a outlet for life and the experiences which the author chooses to upload), Instagram (a photo uploading application service which allows people to use filters to add character to their photographs), Tumblr (a micro-blogging website that allows people to “post” links, photos, and interesting tidbits they collect from their internet/life journeys), and Twitter (another Micro-blogging web service that allows you to publish little snippets or thoughts about your day). I really don’t know that much about the actual internet culture per say, but I am learning a lot

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