The Influence Of Occupational Stress

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The Definition of Occupational Stress Occupational stress is a kind of stress, also can call workplace stress, it is occurs when human unsatisfied with their occupational life. Every individual in stress will make different kind of reaction, some of them can work more effective because the motivation of occupational stress. However, most of people will have physically problem, include immune system problem and heart disease, when they are having a stressful work life, also some of them may occurs anxiety or having psychological disorder. It is very common and serious problem in nowadays, because most of human cannot have a satisfied occupational life. The Influence of Occupational Stress in Biological Theories As I said before, some people may have immune system problem when individual stay in stressful work life in long term situation. Depend on stress can influence in both physically and psychologically, many psychologist and physiologist try to find out the influence of stress and the reason behind that influence. According the theory of the noted physiologist, Walter Cannon, the fight-or-flight-response, Walter Cannon described that why stress will influence human in physically. Imagine that you are walking alone down a street at mid-night, and you find out that a stranger is following you. Suddenly, the heart being to pound, the respiration increase, also the stomach will develop a queasy feeling. This sequence of event is because of the hypothalamus is reacting the perception of danger by organizing a generalized response that affect several organs in human body, these organs include hypothalamus, sympathetic nervous system, lungs, heart, liver, adrenal glands and stomach. The hypothalamus stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal glands release adrenalin into the blood system, also release stress hormones. The lungs will increase
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