The Influence of Mass Media

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The mass media since being invented have experienced many improvements. Undergone numerous changes from television, radio, newspaper to the internet, no matter what the historical period is, what the form is, the basic purpose of all media technologies always is to circulate information through a large group of people. Nowadays, needs of mass media such have been increasing and it happens in the society not only who have high economic level but also having low levels of economic. Recently, owning to the prevalence of the media, it is believed that these tools have deep impacts in shaping people’s ideas specially a reference for committing business, making decisions and finishing works as it become the main source to gain the latest news. I totally agree with this argument. Firstly, it is obvious that both printed and online media are easy and effective ways for citizens in gathering information by dint of the presence of them in all classes of population. This will help people broaden their ideas by providing them with good and useful information submitted by great people who have experience and knowledge in various fields. Let’s take health programs or journals as a telling example of these influences. Majority of people don’t know about diabetes but through mass media, people start get good awareness about the disease, like what the causes and the prevention of them which is conducive to maintain the lifestyle, besides knew that this disease came in first facing by people in the world. Another point supporting the mentioned perspective is that it has provided us with an exposure to the world outside our comfy homes. The exchange of views on variety of subjects of a wide variety of people from all around the world, leads to a global exchange of information and knowledge. It gives us a platform to voice our opinions on all sorts of social and political issues and
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