The Influence Of Honesty: Hard, Look Both Ways

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Although speaking the truth can be difficult, Look Both Ways shows that people should be honest with one another. Discuss. Our modern society is swarming with a dishonesty that is only causing larger and uncontrollable problems. Whilst these problems of the past are irreversible, Look Both Ways suggests that honesty is vital to our society and essential when attempting to move on with life. Sarah Watt proves that dishonesty can affect others as well as yourself. It can cause an individual to suppress their emotion which will inevitably lead to larger problems. The text implies that honesty will reveal itself soon enough, but it often forced out at the last possible opportunity. This release of honesty is caused by the characters hidden emotions, but can result in a revelation to begin correcting the problems within their…show more content…
It can cause an individual’s true feelings to be revealed and result in the beginning of a new life. It also has the power to affect the people around them. Sarah Watt intentionally reveals the true emotion of her characters in the downpour of rain in order to symbolize the exhaustion in their lives being extinguished. Anna’s opinion of Andy is brought to the surface when she states ‘you think everyone has a personal agenda don’t you.’ This causes him to realise his self-occupied personality and it is Sarah Watt’s intention to expose the negative aspects of dishonesty that can affect an individual. In a heated argument Meryl tells Nick that ‘I don’t need you to remind me of all the crap in the world, it scares me stupid – it scares everybody too stupid to do anything about it.’ This shows that Meryl’s negative thoughts about the world have overruled her ability to enjoy herself with a new friend. The effects of honesty are immediate and they can result in an individual making new choices in their

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