The Influence Of Education In Bacon's And Jefferson

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Education has always been regarded an advancement of knowledge, regardless of the time period and location. However, factors such as poverty, slavery, and racism have always limited access towards education, restricting opportunities and pursuits for victims of such elements. History depicts how the influence of education can positively impact a society, for current culture continues to acknowledge the teachings and studies of exemplum such as Socrates and Isaac Newtown. Francis Bacon and Thomas Jefferson, in his work The New Atlantis and in his letters to John Adams, respectively, are also two historical models who have each emphasized his similar but different attitude over how the significance of education can affect society, for Bacon depicts a society where the pursuit for knowledge stems from a religious inspiration while Jefferson firmly argues that a proper education system should emphasize upon separation between church and state. Established upon a history based on a religious phenomenon, Bensalem, the society described in Bacon’s work, The New Atlantis,…show more content…
Inspiration no longer needs to be demanded at extreme options, for factors, such as the Internet, mobilize research and data within seconds from across the world. Education has brought enlightenment to individuals, regardless of whether one discovers and earns knowledge through religious teachings or non-religious instructions. However, the there are still regions that still lie within the shadows and create an environment of not only bring closure but also blind acceptance, and only an equal opportunity for education throughout the world would bring, ideally, both rationality and wisdom merited from knowledge throughout all of
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