The Influence Of Being An Immigrant

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ESSAY Birjees Khezri Experiencing as an immigrant in the United States has not been an easy lifestyle because my Green card was lost, delaying the process for seven years. These were worst years of my life, but had the most positive influence on my life. There are positives to every negative, it is how one manage those negativities that makes you “who you are” without any support. I was fortunate enough to raise my three children by guiding them for their bright future. My husband’s income as a salesman was not enough for a family of five. My parents taught me to have a…show more content…
My father a math teacher, who is the hardest working and noble man I have ever known. My mother is a role model to many people. By profession I am a Physician, worked in different countries with different cultures and learned many languages (six). I being blessed by three children,- two of them going to collage with full colors and a little one in middle school. My kids is motivation, and achievements of my life. I believe Life has two precious balls -One is Crystal ball (once dropped it shatters) which are children- so do the best for them at proper time. Other is Rubber ball is the carrier that you can bounce whenever you want. I felt it is time for the second ball to bounce. The way this education – Master’s in Health Administration and Gerontology will help me is to have a better life by providing satisfaction, financial security, and independence. I want to work as a manager for the elderly peoples organizations and make a difference in their lives by providing them comfort in difficult times. I have a Passion for Gerontology- the Baby Boomers, who will dominate the

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