The Influence Movies Have on Young Viewers Essay

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Reymundo Hernandez Cause and Effect Essay The Influence Movies Have On Young Viewers Movies are today’s art like sculpting was during the renaissance. The art during that time period influenced many young people not to be afraid to express themselves in different ways. Movies do the same thing; they inspire young viewers to create their own worlds. Most find these art films inspiring and find ways to connect their lives to it, and others create their own history with the films. Movies play a major role on the influence of our youth. A violent movie can create a violent person, a motivational movie can inspire someone to become better at something, a horror movie can create paranoia in one’s life, and because of these aspects movies prove to have influence over our youth. Movies have their own persona, they are created to hit ones emotions the hardest. For example, the new series the twilight saga was created to erupt an abundance of emotions; you had love, jealousy, hate, intimidation, the thrill of watching these movies made young teens fall in love with the series. Along with all of this, young viewers started to change their way perception, nobody wanted to be harry potter anymore, it was either team Jacob or team Edward. These movies influenced young teens hard. Movies become part of history for young viewers; they find a way to make a connection with the movie in order for it to become influential in their lives. Disney films seem to impact the viewers the most due to the fact that most Disney films will be their favorite childhood movies. “What was your favorite movie when you were a kid?” when you are asked this question you Hernandez 2 automatically start thinking about your childhood. All the memories of what you loved doing, eating, watching instantly rush through your mind because of this question, then finally you answer the question

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