The Inerpretation Of Dreams Occuring In Cal

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The Inerpretation of Dreams Occuring in Cal In this paper I wish to revisit Bernard MacLaverty's 1983 novel, Cal, in order to examine the significance of dreams occurring in the narrative. The novel contains 3 different dreams that correlate to the narrative. The three recurring nightmares are placed precisely in the structure of the novel, by which MacLaverty arranges an important chronological order. In order to understand the meanings of these dreams I will examine them through the symbols which they contain. Having understood the meanings I will emphasize how the dreams function as interludes in the narrative. The plot takes place during the period of Northern Irish history known as “the troubles” that refers to the 30 years of paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland. The troubles started in 1968 by the Northern Irish Civil Rights Association and ended with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement on 10 April 1998. The narrative presents a short period of Cal’s life, who as young Catholic boy who lives in a Protestant neighborhood in a Northern Irish town. Cal as a getaway driver for the Irish Republican Army becomes accomplice in the murder of Robert Morton, a Royal Ulster Constabulary member. Even though the murder takes place before the plot begins, this event is around which the novel is built. The narrative illustrates Cal's struggles between his guilt over the death of Robert Morton and his sexual desire for the murdered man’s widow Marcella. Dreams are windows into our unconscious. Dreams are fears, desires and emotions of which we are usually not aware. They are considered as ways of wish-fulfillment. Even nightmares are forms of wish-fulfillment as they express the wish to avoid certain situations. Supposing that MacLaverty consciously created Cal’s dreams, it is important to analyze them in order to understand how they are

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