The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Industrialization after the Civil War Angella W. Andrade Feb 10th 2014 The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to the United States in its entirety. Several of these changes had a positive effect on the American society, economy, and politics due mainly to the introduction of the steam engine and new manufacturing inventions. The Industrial Age began in Great Britain and quickly spread throughout the United States and Western Europe. This movement from manual labor and hand production to new methods of manufacturing such as the use of coal and the steam engine changed the face of the United States. The invention of the steam engine was one of the most prolific inventions to be introduced during this time period. Although originally invented to increase production in coal mining, the steam engine could be used in many industries. This allowed manufacturers to expedite production by increasing the amount of goods produced and decreasing the amount of time that they originally took to produce their goods. Goods were transported quickly to various locations by way of locomotion instead of using packhorses and slow ships. Instead of building factories close to water, they could now be built in any area, thus increasing availability and profit. For the first time in history, goods were transported over land by something other than the muscle of man or animal. The United States was the pioneer in locomotion with the invention of the first passenger steamship in 1807, which provided a new way of transportation to society. As a result, transportation was one of the great beneficiaries of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution also led to changes in migration. With the decline in hand-produced goods, many farmers and people residing in the rural areas began to suffer financially. As a result, many families were uprooted to relocate to where

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