The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Kyle Vigil 11/29/11 English 12 For the past fifteen hundred years, stories of a legendary king and his court have come to Symbolize all that is noble and good. The story of King Arthur and his knights is the tale of a time of peace, justice, and brotherhood. It is the story of Knights, living by a Code of Chivalry, Who created briefly an ideal world based on honor and good deeds. It is the story that ends in and tragedy, but it leaves us with the hope that another such time might come again. Sir Gawain came to see King Arthur at the round table. This is a surprise to Arthur because he thought he was dead. Arthur said “Welcome, my sister’s son. I weened ye had been dead. And now I see the on-live” Gawain Told Arthur that he is here to warn him of his death, for if he was to fight tomorrow with Sir Mordred he and many other good men will be slain. Arthur then commanded Sir Lucan (the butler) and his brother Sir Bedivere (the bold) and also two bishops to compose a treaty with Mordred for a month “and spare not: proffer him lands and goods as much as ye think reasonable”. Lucan, Bedivere, and the bishops went and Pleaded with Mordred to give them a month before any action is taken and he agrees. King Arthur and Mordred agreed to meet and they should bring fourteen persons with them. Arthur then said “I am glad this is done”. Right before Arthur and his fourteen persons left he told them “Look ye come on fiercely and slay that traitor Sir Mordred for I in no wise trust him” and likewise for Mordred he said “And ye see any manner of sword drawn, look that ye come on fiercely, and so slay all that ever before you standeth, for in no wise I will not trust this treaty”. When they met up as they agreed and an adder came out from under a heathbush and stung a knight in the foot and without thinking he drew his sword to slay the adder and the host on both parties

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