The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution in America took place over a span of over one hundred years. During this time, inventions were made, people became rich, and control over the nation shifted. Although some may believe that the industrial revolution was harmful to the nation because it did not help the average person, I strongly believe otherwise. I think that the industrial revolution was very beneficial to the nation because the inventions helped to improve everyday life, it gave everyone equal opportunity to make money, and it gave more people the privilege of participating in the control of America. One of the most beneficial aspects of the industrial revolution was the fact that the inventions helped the average person, as well as industry, in everyday life. The inventions created during the industrial revolution included railroads, iron and steel, and crude oil. The creation of the railroad made the transportation of large, bulk items more efficient. It also allowed for ordinary people to go between cities for much cheaper and in less time. This also allowed for the postal service to flourish and small cities to develop. The invention of iron and steel could not only be used to create even more inventions, but it also created jobs for a lot of people. In the mid-1800s, two men, William Kelly and Henry Bessemer, discovered a process that would make the availability and cost of both steel and iron much lower. After this process became well known, another man, named Andrew Carnegie, saw this as an opportunity to take the process as well as the new coke-making methods, and supply steel for the railroads. The fact that one discovery led to another by someone else, shows that it was not a single person leading a single industry, but it is an effort by many different individuals. Anyone had the chance to make it rich and it is not fair to blame

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