The Industrial Age Essay

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Of the three major revolutions in modern human history, the Industrial Revolution seems to have the greatest impact on our lives today. The effects of this revolution are still seen today and many of the processes created during this time are executed the same way. But the reason that makes this era so significant isn’t because of the advancement of technology or the invention of new products; it was how widespread the impact of industry was and how it completely revolutionized the economic system into what we use today. Before the industrial revolution, economies were based upon the agricultural system and the guild systems. Until then, “For thousands of years, the overwhelming majority of people...had the assigned task of producing enough food for themselves, plus a little more for their betters” (Pavlac pg. 238). People had been living the same way, with the same slow farming processes; all conducted through manual labor. But the introduction of complex machinery changed that. A machine had a higher efficiency rate than a human would and it would relieve many steps of the manual labor process. Now that a landlord could produce a higher yield of crops by using less people, there was no need to preserve the long standing social and economic ties with ones vassals, resulting in “a huge social crisis threatening to overwhelm England” and “the agricultural working class broke up” (Pavlac pg. 238). England (and eventually other countries) now had giant groups of population, which was only growing larger, without jobs and little expertise in other areas. The Industrial revolution could not have come at a better time, having an extraordinarily large work force supply that was suited ideally for its needs. The Industrial revolution came at a brilliant time because the unemployed population had nowhere else to go; other than farming, the only other job they could

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