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The Indian Media Today Media is the fourth estate in a democracy after the legislature, executive and judiciary. Its role is to inform the public of the important happenings in the country, create awareness among the people, endorse the right and question the wrong and most important of all- suggest useful and practical solutions to the myriad problems of the nation. Print media dominated the last century. It was a lethal weapon against the British in our war for independence. Since the late nineties there has been a proliferation in the number of channels in visual media. And the impact of visual media has been unprecedented. The Internet has also emerged as a useful medium but is limited to the people having knowledge and access to the same. Newspapers have been doing a good job. Portability, ease of reading, choice of reading etc make it a powerful medium to reach the masses. Before the beginning of this century, papers concentrated mainly on political and socio-economic issues followed by sports and movies. The focus was more on reporting rather than influencing or guiding people's minds. There may be exceptions though. Since the beginning of this century there has been a change in the outlook of the media in general. There has been a greater stress on political and social awareness, health, education , a greater analysis of the Govt policies, strong viewpoints, fearless revelations and in general more content. The presentation of news be it papers( eg:highlighting main points in the column) or the visual media has also been given greater emphasis making news more effective than ever before. Credit has to be given where it is due. The media has been successful in exposing some scandals( like tehelka did), standing up for the people and putting pressure on the govt whenever possible through extensive coverage and bold questioning.Some that come to mind

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