The Incas Polytheistic Belief System

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The Incas had a polytheistic belief system, which means they idolized several gods at the same time because they believed there was a god for each facet of the planet such as the sun, the moon, the lightening or even the rain. Though the Incas believed in many gods, one of the most important for them was Wiracocha because he was believed to be the creator of the planet and every single living creatures. The Incas based their belief system on him, he affected many of their layers of worship and beliefs. But they went further than that in their religion with the secondary tier also known as the astral level. In this level the Incas involved many worship with gods within the dimension of earth such as the moon or the sun. It’s in the astra level that appears their most important god, Inti, the…show more content…
One of them was believed to return to its place, where it belonged depending on the kind of death one had, as well as the person’s status in society, economically and socially. The other one would remained in the body, which was preserved by the Incas, intact and mummified. This beliefs with the souls led them to bury personal belongings with the dead. They also brought food and objects into the tomb of the mummified body, because they believed in a connection that they might have with the dead, and they thought the dead person would actually have utility of the objects brought to them. The Incan mourning color was black, which, coincidentally is also the mourning color of Christianity. For the Incan people, the destination of a person would depend on how he lived his life, if the dead had lead a virtuous life, he would join the sun in heaven, where they would have access to the after life and participate in the lives of their descendants but the evil spirits however would be forced to live in the underworld in a miserable and cold

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