The Improvised Helmet Essay

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THE IMPROVISED HELMET An Investigatory project Presented to Ms Danielle Rose Betacura La Salle Academy Br. Raymund Jeffrey Road Pala-o, Iligan City In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements in Science IV (Physics) Members: Arcaya, Quade Preiselle Chiong, Josielin Meren Durano, Moira Carla Bernadette Malonhao, Derick Suobiron, Roxanne Kharla January 21, 2011 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Our sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the following who had been very instrumental in the accomplishment of this investigatory project. * We would like to thank Ms Danielle Rose Betacura for giving us the format of the investigatory project and helping us and guiding in the making of this project. * Our parents who and siblings, for all the prayers, advices, constant encouragement, and for being always there. * Our friends who always believe that we can do all things, boundless enthusiasm and friendship. * The members of this group who work hard and made parts for completing this project. * Our former teachers in science who shared their knowledge in this subject with us from which we use in the making of this project. * Above all, to GOD almighty, for the showered gift of wisdom and knowledge, for the courage and strength in overcoming all the trials and challenges, for the guidance and protection, all praise and thanksgiving to Thee. Q.P.C.A J.M.B.C M.C.B.U.D D.A.M R.K.M.S i DEDICATION * We dedicate this study especially to the road construction workers because they are a big part in the formulation of this study * Also to our Physics teacher, Ma’am Danielle Rose Betacura for helping us in the formulation of this study * To the ones who help us in the making of this study because if it not for them, this study won’t be finished in an early time * To those who inspired us and empowered us to finish

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