The Important Role Of The Market Revolution In America

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The Market Revolution The market revolution took place in America in 1817. It impacted us greatly and our economy. It changed our technology we have today. The market revolution changed the people like they would buy the goods instead of growing them this would increase profit. The technology that the market revolution was the entrepreneurs that invented the technology like the free enterprise. Also Samuel Morse invented the telegraph which was used to send codes that were translated into meanings. They were over 23,000 miles of telegraph wire. Also better transportation systems improved the movement of the people and goods. The market revolution transformed the nation. Most Americans still lived in rural areas and only 14 percent had jobs. But the workers produced more quality goods to sell. Many of those good became affordable to many Americans. Also the improved transportation and communication helped people buy stuff that was not available in their region.…show more content…
Even though many of the workers were immigrants they would come from all over the world to find work. In conclusion the market revolution was the revolution that changed everybodys life and economy today. The market revolution impacted the US and the entire world because the stores that sell stuff buy there product from other produces that make them instead of making it
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