The Importance of Voting

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The elections are critical to Canadian citizens. Both adults and youth should be involved in voting. Canada should revise its foreign policy and bring our troops abroad back home. The environment is also of great concern to us, and we need to start thinking for tomorrow’s generation. The major issue today is the economy. Since the American economy currently has a stock-market crisis, we are bound to have one in the near future. All Canadian citizens are responsible for choosing their leaders, keeping in mind the issues that affect them, namely foreign policy, the environment, and the economy. The Canadian soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan need to be brought home, as our current foreign policy is not effective. We are losing numerous troops due to continual terrorist resistance, and we have to change our tactics to suit the circumstances. The mission seems to be a failure, considering the fact that Canadian troops will have been in Afghanistan for almost ten years by 2011. As role models, the adults should set examples for the youth by making the correct decisions and bringing our soldiers back to Canada. The youth need to realize that they maybe the future soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and should take an active part in politics. They can participate in mock elections held at their schools, in model United Nations, in youth organizations of the various political parties, etc... Canadians should acknowledge the 2500 troops present in Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), and judge whether or not they are effective. Similarly, the environment is also an essential topic. The environment is very fragile, and it is high time for us to accept that fact and mend this catastrophe. One of the thinnest layers of ozone is over North America. The United States of America is not part of the Kyoto Protocol and is

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