The Importance Of Using Correct English In The Webpages Of Vietnamese Businesses Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION For many recent years, the Internet has largely become familiar to such many people ranging from the young, the middle to the old. According to the lastest stastistics provided by HTV2, 30% of the VietNamese amounted to 24 millions people is using Internet. This market is still potential and very lucrative in a very near future. Trading through Internet has gradually taken off, which is not only among businesses themselves but between businesses and customers as well. Recently VietNam has been intergrated into the world economy so that most of the webpages of VietNamese businesses usually offer two language options: Vietnamese and English. In addition, many foreign investors who want to find an opportunity to pour money into Vietnam use webpages as a tool to search for information first through VCCI ( Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry) second through the business’s itself. As a result, the webpage places a very important role in the business operations as a whole like the image of the business or the connection between it and the outside ( domestic and international). The usage of correct English in the webpages should also be taken into account. However, some businesses have made it very well but the others have not. From the afore-mentioned arguments, our research is carried out with the view to offering the business a good occasion to present the wrong usage of English in their webpages they have been encountering. It also aims at helping them to get the opinions from the customers about their webpages and giving them a fine chance of suggesting practical solutions to the problem. 1.1.Objectives of the research: The project aims to:  Examine students and customers’ opinions on their thought about the English usage of VietNamese webpages  To know whether or not the businesses take the English content and

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