The Importance Of Understanding How To Read And Write

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English 101 20 September 2014 The hardest question to answer, when did I actually start learning and understanding how to read and write. I don’t know if I can actually answer that question, because I’m still learning how to read and write. Everyday I’m building on to my literacy and learning how to actually read and write. Every day that’s passes I feel like I’m closer to answering that question. There’s a difference between the ability to read and the ability to understand. For me reading is the ability to understand. Sure anyone can read but can they really understand what’s written. To understand you really have to dig deep in your mind and think. For me I would just read, not think. A couple of years ago I really toke passion in thinking.…show more content…
I try and write so I connect with others. I try and be relatable so everyone can connect with what I’m saying. I also try and write as the person I really am in real life. I want readers to think that they know me as a person just by reading my writings. I tend to go this way because I want people to know the truth about me. I want people to see that I’m a very down to earth person. I feel like everyone can connect with me and compare with me. I take this track because in real life I have no enemy’s and really don’t have a problem with anyone. Through my writing I want to see people that I’m just an all-around good down to earth person. A person that they want to be around. Someone that is always radiating good vibes around them. I think that’s what quality people really look for, someone who is a genuine down to earth…show more content…
I don’t say much at all but my mind is always thinking. Being literate has shown me to be a deep thinker and process everything that I read. That’s really who I am is a thinker. A person who has thoughts and ideas that always circulates my head no matter what time it is. Sleeping lately has been a struggle simply because I can’t turn my mind off. It’s always running and I’m lacking sleep because of it. This last year I’ve really became a thinker. I got this way by reading into conspiracy theories and religion. Conspiracy theories really do make you think. That was definitely a gateway thing that started making me into a thinker. Another big one is religion. No one in the world in the right about religion. I’m old enough to think by my self and see the different points of views from all the different religions. I’m starting to think why I’m I even alive. What’s the purpose of this life and my life. All these things are just fumigating in my mind. I got like this all because of my literacy. It all goes back to my literacy. Finally being able to not only read but to be able understand everything. I’m glad I toke literacy to the next level because it has really shown me who I am as a person and who I want to be. Understanding literacy has changed my life forever and will continue to change it each and every

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