The Importance Of The Supernatural In Macbeth

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The Importance of the Supernatural in Macbeth Macbeth is deeply influenced by the supernatural occurrences in this playwright. One of the first signs of the supernatural is the three witches that serve as foretellers for Macbeth’s future. Following the witches, there is the ghost of Banquo who completely took Macbeth away from reality and made other people think Macbeth was not well and that he was having hallucinations. The hallucinations or supernatural occurrences such as the ghost may have been caused by the guilt of killing his best friend. The following supernatural occurrence that plays an important role in Macbeth is the floating dagger that leads Macbeth into killing Duncan. Macbeth is very well controlled by the supernatural especially by the three witches. The three witches arrive and quickly gain Macbeth’s trust. “Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more.” (1.3. ) .The witches represent Macbeth’s evil ambitions and make him want to know more about the future disregarding any consequences. Macbeth was deeply influenced by the witches because they were the ones guiding him to murdering Duncan. As well as the murder of Duncan, the murder of Banquo creates guilt in Macbeth which causes him to have a supernatural occurrence. The ghost of Banquo appears during the banquet where Macbeth is going to be seated. The ghost is only visible to Macbeth. When Macbeth enters and is greeted, he is asked to sit down. He sees the ghost of Banquo sitting in his seat. Macbeth tells his companions that the table is full and they tell him they have reserved a spot for him. After realizing something was wrong with Macbeth, Ross states “Gentlemen, rise; his highness is not well.”(3.4. ) .This shows that Macbeth’s mind is under a great deal of stress or is scared, for it to
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