The Importance Of The Print Press

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The first way in which news and journalism modernized the world is through the creation of the newspaper, which allowed information to spread faster, allowed advertisements, and grew freedom of the press. Before the newspaper was a common creation, citizens needed to gather their information from other sources such as through letters, separates, and by word of mouth. Often, letters were lost and word of mouth was incorrect. News had to be laboriously rewritten by hand and copies were scarce. In 1440, Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press to change all of these issues. The printing press allowed copies of religious texts, novels, and information about the local and global communities to be found in the hands of more and more people. Thoughts…show more content…
Now in free countries such as America, citizens experience the freedom to read, post, or write virtually everything they would please. Such a constitutional right is vitally important when spreading ideas, especially when trying to make change. In 1787, Thomas Jefferson stated "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter” (Brewer). This quote shows that freedom of the press and news is vital to making change in government. Jefferson stated that he would rather have freedom of the press without a government to a government without freedom of the press. Without freedom of the press, ideas cannot be spread about the government and positive change can never be made, leaving a country trapped in a terrible situation. Freedom of the press lead to a modern world in which one can gather ideas to make change and form opinions (Freedom of the Press). Newspapers have had large impacts on the world, and through the printing press, advertisements, and citizen rights, newspapers have modernized the…show more content…
Radio waves are commonly used as a war strategy and were heavily used during World War II. In fact, the proper use of radar could have very well changed the entire course of the war. On December 7th, 1941, operators of a radar plane detector in Oahu, Hawaii, detected the approach of Japanese aircraft. During war situations, radar is used to detect incoming attacks and to accurately aim attacks, providing immediate news about war status. The operators spotting the incoming aircraft mentioned their findings to their superior who quickly dismissed the warning as the operators were inexperienced. Had the report been taken seriously, the war may have ended quite differently. This shows that because of the use and misuse of radio waves as a war strategy, the entire course of a war can be changed. America may not have ever involved itself into the war, and there is a high possibility that the Axis powers may have won (Foley). Our modern world today would be a dark and different place. Radio waves as a war strategy have the potential to protect and attack a country or change the appearance of the earth as humans see it today with immediate news on attacks, showing that the use of radio waves in war times modernized the world. An additional way in which radio waves modernized the world is through safety and distress signals. Inventor and engineer Guglielmo

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