The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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Imagine, you are sitting on the cold bleachers with about one hundred other people. Football season is finishing. At your school, your football team has made it to the championships. Your school has won the championships for the last five years in a row. The current score is 30 to 33. You are in the lead. After both the teams huddles up, they line up at the line of scrimmage. Everybody is set in line and ready to start. The center, number, 45, snaps the ball to the quarterback, number 11. The the quarterback attempts to throw the ball to the wide receiver, but it did not go as planned. Number 26, on the other team, intercepts the ball and runs as fast as lighting. 26 hurdles, sprints, and cuts through every single one of the players on your team leaving them in the dust. That is it, number 26 scored. The score is 36 to 33, your team has lost not only the championships, but their streak. As number 26 takes of the helmet to celebrate, you are stunned. It’s a girl! As you can tell, this is something that is not common. You don’t commonly see girls playing on boys’ sports teams. This is because not all girls have this opportunity to do this. This is not allowed in some schools or sometimes even towns. But say if number 26 was not on the…show more content…
This will not damage the team, people, or anything. If anything, the girls will bring great benefit to everything about that sport they play. To both the team and themselves. Women will get paid equally as men and they will have the opportunity to play the sport that they love the most. We can let girls play with boys, but most of the time they are under looked. They will make the team better, and they will benefit for themselves. We need more number 23s in the world. More girls to play on boys teams. They might just surprise you on skill and ability like 23 did. And if more girls follow in number 23s steps it won’t be just a boys team, it would be a boys and girls

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