The Importance of Shakespeare in High School English Classes

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Annabelle Hanflig 12/16/12 Period 3 English 2 H The Importance of Shakespeare in High School English Classes It would be a crime to deprive high school English students of the opportunity and privilege to immerse themselves in the wonders of what is thought of as the greatest author of all time, William Shakespeare. From Romeo and Juliet to The Taming of the Shrew, every high school student has probably read (and most likely dreaded) the work of this great author. But little do they know that his literature beholds insightful life lessons and the basis of our modern language. William Shakespeare played a crucial role in shaping our world and to not teach his importance to high school students would be an injustice. Without Shakespeare, a conversation between friends may not be the same. The phrases that appear in everyday conversation such as, “break the ice” and “heart of gold” would not be at our disposal if it were not for the literary genius of Shakespeare. The website,, contains an ample list of phrases and terms invented by Shakespeare. He coined countless terms, such as the much over-used “swag” and the always hilarious knock-knock joke. Many parts of the English language derived from the writings of Shakespeare. Although told in much different context that is often nearly impossible to understand, Shakespeare provided us with many insightful life lessons in his literature. The phrase, “kill them with kindness” was originally published in The Taming of the Shrew. This phrase teaches us to treat our enemies and those who try to bring us down with kindness in order to show them that their cruel words do not hold a candle to our confidence and demeanor. The phrase, “all that glitters isn’t gold” also came from another Shakespearean text, The Merchant of Venice. This teaches us that although something may appear to
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