The Importance Of Setting In Sonny's Blues '

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Essay 1 Sonny’s Blues setting contributes to the story’s main theme by the idea behind of the love of two brothers extends beyond the relationship between both brothers but also the community as a whole. Harlem is affected greatly by drugs, poverty, and frustration, but members of the community come together to watch over and protect one another to fall into a dangerous pit. In the story the adults spend their Saturday afternoons sharing stories, providing a sense of warmth and protection to the children around them. The narrator, although initially angered by one of Sonny’s old friends, in the end recognizes his connection to the man by showing how he reminds him of Sonny and offers him money. Even Sonny, for all his problems he has with drugs, helps the people around him endure and survive by channeling their frustrated desires into his music The drugs on the streets of Harlem have affected both the narrator and Sonny very deeply. It made Sonny start doing bad things and it made the narrator turn his back on his brother he was supposed to protect. Both the narrator and Sonny wanted to get out of Harlem but only Sonny decided to do something but went on…show more content…
Some of the examples are the military service, and the life in Harlem. The military service plays an important role in the changing of the narrator’s identity as it helps him gain respect and be recognized by the neighborhood, something that Sonny Wants. Growing up in Harlem is the most important setting because the brothers endured several hardships, like the drugs and the poverty, in Harlem, which allowed them to establish and maintain a certain identity of the one trying to be good and the other trying to do the same but in a bad way. But both the narrator and Sonny in the end learn to live in peace with each other and respect each other’s way of
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