The Importance Of Science In Ender's Game

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The Science fiction novel, “Ender’s Game” is about an extraordinary third child who is illegal due to current population control laws. He is a genius child named Ender Wiggin that has been closely watched by government officials through a monitor on the back of his neck from the time he was born. This monitoring allows the government to see everything Ender does, how he acts and what he says. The government officials are responsible for conducting monitoring such as this in an attempt to find future leaders to help Earth defeat an alien race called the “Buggers” that were recently fended off in the first battle. The government soon realizes his skillful, aggressive actions and cunning behavior after removing the monitor. After the monitor was…show more content…
This book presents the ability to fly light-years across the galaxy, millions of miles per second in a space craft. This kind of transportation has also been undiscovered, and according to many it is impossible. Because of this, it is a good example of fictional science. If humans could actually manage such a feat, we could find and colonize any livable planets, solving any worries of over-population and global warming. One last example of science is light speed communication. This was the idea of being able to communicate to anyone across the entire universe despite any distance with no delay at all. In this sense, it would be as if you were standing right next to them and talking to them. You can’t talk all the way across the earth on a cellophane or through the internet without at least a second of delay. This could solve all communication issues with Astronauts, deep sea divers, and even other advanced living organisms living in the universe. I hope you get a chance to read this book. It’s an interesting experience, you can learn a lot about people and science, and it’s a very good book to help improve your reading comprehension

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