The Importance of Saving Money (Speech) Essay

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The Importance of Saving Money (Speech) Essay What is the importance of saving money? We all have heard that saving extra money each month can be a smart move, but why? Why take to mind these extreme money saving techniques? There are certainly enough people out there who spend every dime that they get and they seem to be doing fine. We are raised to think that if you make $4,000 a month and have $4,000 worth of expenses then you are doing fine. If you get a raise to $4,500 a month than you have $500 worth of extra expenses each month you can afford to take on. We are conditioned to go out and make as much money as humanly possible and once we do spend it all and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It may sound like a great way to live, but it carries a lot of risk with it. Sure while the money is rolling in you can afford to do anything that you want, but what happens when it stops? What if you get fired or what if you have to pay some huge medical bill all of a sudden? This is where the importance of saving comes in. If you have no money saved up and your fired you still need to pay your bills. The only way to do this is to start using your credit and ranking up that debt. This leads to more and more bills and in order to maintain the same lifestyle you have to make even more money when you do find another job to compensate for the added debt. But if you had say $30,000 saved up and you lost your job you are actually doing ok. Here you have plenty of money to pay your bills and you will not have to stress out. When you save money you are better prepared for emergencies and are better equipped to take advantage of more opportunities that may come your way. This is the importance of saving money. Saving Extra Money Saving extra money is obviously important, but if you are already struggling to pay your bills it can seem like an impossible

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