The Importance Of Professional Practice In Health And Social Care

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Professional practice Introduction I am currently working in a newly built crèche, at the moment the crèche has 46 children in attendance on a daily basis. But has the capacity to hold 60 children every day. The crèche has specifically been built in sections (Appendix one). There are two rooms on the right for babies under 18 months old which caters for babies aged between 3 months to toddling and a room for babies toddling to 18 months, between these rooms there is a nappy changing area, a milk room for staff to make up bottles and snacks and also 2 cot rooms. On the right hand side we have three rooms for 32 children aged 18 months to 2 years, 2-3 years and 3-5 years. Between the rooms for the 18 months and the 2-3 year olds there are…show more content…
The levels of change are who it can affect (Appendix seven) for example, the individual, which in the proposed change would be the children that would be changing and the member of staff that would be implementing the proposed change. The next level would be the group, this is the senior nursery staff and the manager of the setting, the change would affect them because of the planning they would have to complete for everyone to know what day would be their turn. The last level would be the organisation, even though they wouldn’t be affected as such with this proposed change, it is out of common courtesy the setting would let them know of the proposed change. If the proposed change would affect finances then the organisation would be…show more content…
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