The Importance Of Physical Eduation Essay

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The Importance of Physical Education in Students Sandy Lee Garcia PED 212: Foundation of Movement and Motor Actvities Terri Malone June 06,2011 Physical Education in Elementary Grades: Physical Education now a day is not the way it was back then and the ones paying the price are the students. My kids tell me that they only get to do PE four days out of the week and the other in music class. I asked my oldest how often do they would exercise and he told me that he did not start exercise until he was in 5th grade. He told that in 3rd ,4th that no exercising was implemented that the coaches all already had the agenda done and it do not involved exercising. That is very disappointing to hear because physical education is not about just playing games it should exercise for a least the first 15 minutes before doing any activity. In my personal opinion music is not as important as PE. Physical Education plays a huge role in a child’s total growth and overall development of a student. In order to put physical education classes in effect there would have to be a lot of support and extra money to implement the program. All elementary schools should have a health and physical education class because of the poor physical education condition the young ones are in. Physical Education is important because it prevents obesity which can prevent heart diseases and diabetes. Overweight is the main factor in children now a days. Young children develop cholesterol, diabetes, or obesity because of lack exercising and overeating fatty foods. Physical Education is important as well for students to discover their sporting abilities. It is good to have physical education class in early stages of life. Doing physical education fitness at a young age will prepare students to live a better and healthy life. When implementing a good physical education class at a early age students

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