The Importance Of Organizational Change

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What is organizational change? It can be defined as the organizational process by which an organization changes its strategies, structure, technologies, operational methods or culture to effect in internal changes and effect of these on the organization as can be a continuous process or it can occur for some periods of time with intervals. It is also known as reorganization or restructuring. It is a process which requires cooperation from the employees. A company can undergo restructuring for various reasons, for example in order to deal with new situations or markets. Why organizational change? Basically it is the movement of an organization from one state of affairs to another. Any change within the organization would be met with…show more content…
The buying of mobile giant nokia was a major decision which took place with a careful planning of years, the company was bought due to the following reasons: Poorly built mobile software by Microsoft because of the lack of technical know how. To get on board some key people who were employed in Nokia. Using the company to tap into the much larger smartphone market. Linking “lumia” Nokia’s mobile range as the official smartphone for windows mobile operating system. The change was very helpful in increasing window’s market share in the mobile market. Microsoft learned a key lesson from this acquisition it was important to make a team to share the risk rather than doing everything alone. After the acquisition the Microsoft work force grew from 99,000 employees to 1,20,000 employees. This mean a huge chunk of salaries to be paid but Microsoft received a big share of revenues from the smartphone market which helped in compensating that. Two years after the deal the company seems to be developing at a phenomenal rate and is getting a firmer grip in the smartphone market. The company is ready to launch new software’s and has risen from its downfall in the previous…show more content…
Acquiring Nokia, the phone company. What is important is that these organizational changes have had many major impacts on the company in positive and negative ways. What everybody can concur is that Nadella promptly situated about making a more agreeable Microsoft willing to collaborate with contenders, not simply shoot slugs at them. That unmistakable difference a glaring difference to the profoundly contentious CEOs it had some time recently, prime supporter Bill Gates and early deals boss Steve Ballmer. Keep in mind at Gates' breaking point, his focused strategies drove the U.S. government to convict Microsoft on antitrust charges, pronouncing the organization's headlock on the PC market an imposing business model. Nadella still has a ton of work to do before the world sees Microsoft presently the seat once more. Be that as it may, he's gained huge ground. A lot of energy has been fabricated for Windows once more, on account of Windows 10. It will bring back a percentage of the exemplary look and feel long-lasting Windows clients love, and function admirably on a touch gadget. Also updating will be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8

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