The Importance Of One's Name In The Crucible

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What is the importance of one´s name in "The Crucible". In the “Crucible”, the importance of one’s name is present throughout the play. This play highlights someone´s name to be linked with reputation. In the late 17th Century when the play was based, reputation was highly important, this is because the lower the reputation you had the less important your opinion was. Furthermore religion is very influential in this play. This is because the higher importance you were religiously, the more weighty your name was, this made Parris and Hale immune to any witchcraft accusations, and furthermore saved Abigail due to that she was with God and helped to defeat the devil. This made her innocent to all accusations of witchcraft against her because she was righteous. Moreover in this essay we will be discovering the importance of one´s name using examples of characters who want to keep their name “white”, or to the point that their name is more important than their life. Although you do not have to be…show more content…
When she leaves the house “- mark this - I could pray again!” When he realises that because of him her wife is accused he comes to court and produces ninety-one signatures which say that Martha isn’t a witch. This causes all names to be accused of witchcraft. This starts to show how naming names can cause the problems to worsen. When Giles Corey has a chance to save his wife, he has a witness that can prove the innocence of his wife but he dare not speak that name because he would be accused and wouldn’t save his wife either. Later Giles performs heroic act to redeem himself from the accusation of Martha, and gives up his life when is forced to speak the name of his alibi, by pressing stones on his chest, he’s final words were “more weight”. This makes Giles Corey an honourable man and saves a friends name, which remain

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