The Importance Of My Life

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Looking back at the memory of my time in middle school has helped me realize that it was an important life lesson and contribution of experience that shaped who I am today. The world is a vast setting and can be unpredictable in many ways. It’s fortunate enough to have family who cares about you and support you all the way. Many people never realize what is the importance of their lives. I’m glad that I met friends that I could depend on and help me through the hardships of childhood. There is much to learn and we only have a finite amount of time on our hands. We should all appreciate where we came from and learned up till today. The fact that I’m even under a roof, breathing, and always come home to my warm family is amazing, and I want to cherish my time with family, friends, and loved ones through this journey of unknown territories. I couldn’t ask for more as I already have a caring family and great comrades that I can depend on for the rest of my life. Discrimination has the ability to alienate one person and is unhealthy…show more content…
My perfect planned life had shattered to pieces as I heard the laughter from those around me who used to appreciate my help with the math assignments given by our teacher had now turned their backs on me. Discrimination can be an act of bullying and can viciously hurt others without them knowing so. Mere words can harm another person more than violence ever could. It indefinitely haunted me for the rest of that school year. School had felt like a prison ever since and had been an never-ending nightmare of laughter. The prejudice jokes from George Richards and my classmates had significantly began to impact my school life, as well as daily life. I didn’t know what to do and who to turn to during this time of desolation. I was lost with what to do because I had never been discriminated against

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