The Importance of Multiple Perspective in the Help

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Elisa Gan Monday, October 1, 2012 Topic: The importance of The Help be told in multiple voices consider perspective. The novel The Help, being told in a unique narrative way with various perspectives, thoroughly shows the complicated transition of the characters’ feelings and actions from hesitation to determination. The three narrators in the story is a young white woman Skeeter Phelan who wants to be a writer, Minny Jackson, a sassy black maid and Aibileen Clarks, another sophisticated black maid. Since the background setting of the novel is in the 1960s, in Jackson, Mississippi, the story to be written in multiple voices enormously helps the reader not only to better understand the social conflicts at that time in America, but also see more clearly the innumerable barriers and difficulties of eliminating the inequality between the two races. From perspectives of the black maids, Minny and Aibileen, they do not want to speak up to Skeeter about their true lives working as black maids in Mississippi at first. Even if the blacks did not receive any respect, no one is willing to do anything to change the situation. As the growing US Civil Rights Movement enrages a lot of radical white racists in the South, However, their normal lives could hardly continues. Racial discrimination started to cause more and more assaults toward them. The dastardliest villain in the story Hilly, the influential women president of the Jackson Junior league, who is also a representative of the hypocritical racists, almost succeeds in implementing the idea of building separate bathroom for black maids because she convinces her friends that they carry diseases. Aibileen’s infuriated comment in the novel, “ I want to yell so loud that Baby Girl hear me that dirty ain’t color, disease ain’t the negro side of town”(7,80), shows the anger and bitter feeling inside all black people’s
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