The Importance of Morality Which Reform Villains Into Aspired Good Guys

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The Importance Of Morality which Reform Villains into Aspired Good Guys As we observe Sam Peckinpah’s film “Ride the High Country”, we come to witness the importance of morality and integrity. This film clearly depicts characters struggling to maintain a sense of morality. And it is through the struggle of obtaining morality that Gil Westrum and Heck Longtree become villians/bad guys that evolve into good guys. As we observe Gil Westrum and Heck Longtree we come to see that both characters initially are very deceptive and lack integrity and morality. When we first are introduced to Longtree’s character he shows his sense of deception in the opening scene regarding the Camel race. Longtree races another cowboys horse for money, using his knowledge of deception for financial gain knowing that a camel would always when a race of that distance against a horse. Longtree sense of morals have been compromised for his greed for money. We also come to acknowledge that Longtree lacks integrity and morals because he and Gil premeditatedly plan to rob Steve for the Gold they are supposed to be protecting and delivering. Although Longtree initially is portrayed as a villain/bad guy he soon after has a reformation. Longtree’s reformation encourages him to gain a sense of integrity and morality. His reformation is caused by his love for Elsa and his respect for Steve. Shockingly, Longtree reforms before his deceptive partner Gil. His aspiration to be a good guy is an ethical aspect. After witnessing Steve’s sense of integrity and morality as well as Longtree’s love for Elsa motivates him to become a just and moral character. An example of Longtree’s new sense of morality would be when he is untied by Steve and given a gun he is faced with the opportunity to shoot Steve, steal the gold, and run away. However, Longtree as started to become fond of Steve and his

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