The Importance of Marketing Essay

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A Detailed Evaluation of Consumer Behavior and Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior. Consumers make many buying decisions every day. It is an obvious phenomenon that at many times sellers ask themselves what consumers want to buy, where they buy, how and how and how much they buy, when they buy, and why they buy explains Armstrong, G and Kotler, P(2001). The consumer behavior model shows how marketing and other stimuli enter the “consumer black box” and give out certain responses. The marketing stimuli consist of product, price, place and promotion. On the other hand other stimuli include major forces and events in the buyers surrounding: economical, political, technological and cultural. Armstrong, G and Kotler, P (2001).Explains that these inputs are processed in the “consumer’s black box” and the end result is the consumer responses such as brand choice, product choice, dealer choice, purchasing timing and purchase amount. Consumer behavior is affected by a number of factors such as culture, personal factors and psychological factors. Culture being the most cause of varying consumer behavior entails an entire web of subcultures, social class, families and other reference groups. Deviation from culture is prohibited in many societies and therefore consumers will only consume beauty products allowed by their cultures. I agree with the post that lifestyle as a personal factor affects consumer behavior as posted by a student. This is because lifestyle is a person’s way of life and involves major human dimensional activities such as interests and opinion thus composing a person’s interaction with the whole world. Economic situation could affect the purchase process of someone selling an expensive Rolex watch. This will affect the purchase process as one will only buy the Rolex watch if he or she has the income, savings or borrowing power. In

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