The Importance Of Literacy

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The Importance of Literacy Throughout Life When you are younger, reading and writing is very important. It is given a high sense of importance in that one must be able to read and write to get anywhere in life. When you think about that piece of information, the facts hold true. As illustrated in some of the stories we read, being literate is imperative for life. We have to be able to read important documents and street signs. We need to be able to write to sign documents and express ourselves. Yes, literacy is of the utmost importance, and here is an old story of mine about how literacy has proven its importance to me throughout my eighteen short years of life. One of my earliest, worst memories that led me to appreciate literacy is the time I landed in the hospital for a total of twelve days, as a result of a rare, serious condition called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an allergic reaction to medicine that causes horrible red, painful blisters and can be fatal. As a child, I was constantly plagued by severe ear infections anytime I would get a small cold. I remember sitting on a large floor pillow at this time, watching Barney, crying because I was in such horrible pain from an ear infection. These ear infections would occur around a few times per month. After visiting my pediatrician at age three, he referred us to an ear, nose, and throat doctor, also known as an otolaryngologist, who would prescribe me septra, or sulfa. All would go swimmingly for two weeks. One night, my mother was sleeping with me on the couch opposite mine downstairs at my father’s house when my parents were still married, because I was sick. In the morning, I woke her up with the complaint of a hole in my lip. What the hole really was was actually one of many painful ulcers in my mouth and that would later develop nearly everywhere on my body. My parents

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