The Importance Of Life In My Life

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At the beginning of her first semester at the University of Yale, Sarah left her hometown to further her education in Medicine. She lived in a small town just outside of San Fernando, Trinidad, which was a peaceful and quite neighborhood. She loved helping people in her community, so wanted to become a Medical Doctor to help the sick. She was a very intelligent and kind person, who dedicated most of her time to her helping people and studying hard. Being a Medical Doctor would make her the first professional doctor in her community. She was very sad to leave her beloved hometown but knew that she was doing the right thing. Sarah’s parents were very supportive of her decision but were also sad that she had leave. She was the only child in her family, so she would be missed a lot.…show more content…
Everything seemed like a bed of roses, but she was in for a big surprise. When she arrived at the University, she was forced to live with two roommates, Katie and Jasmine in a three bedroom apartment just outside of the University. Katie and Jasmine were both studying Medicine like Sarah but they did not have the same desire and ambition like her. They both came from wealth families who owned top businesses around the world. They were spoiled brats who did what they wanted too and got anything they wanted. Sarah had no other option but to live with them because they paid the majority of the rent. As the days went by Sarah and her roommates got along quite well and were forming a good relationship. She did extremely well in all her courses, paid her bills on time and was just living the perfect student life. That was until she noticed a change in the attitude and behavior of her roommates, which she never saw before. They started to treat her badly, stopped cleaning their rooms, living the house untidy and began to play loud music during study
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